SurgiTel Loupes and Headlights

Dental Directory has partnered with SurgiTel in the US, to offer the highest quality loupes and headlights to dental clinicians in the UK and in ROI.

SurgiTel… Vision and Ergonomics At Work

We at Dental Directory are pleased to bring the SurgiTel range of customised loupes to you. SurgiTel is a Division of General Scientific Corporation (GSC). GSC has been making a variety of optical components and optical imaging equipment since 1932. In 1992, GSC entered the medical market by developing a line of ergonomic loupes based on multiple patented concepts which help clinicians alleviate their neck and back pain. These next generation products were sold under the SurgiTel brand name. SurgiTel Systems handles a line of vision-enhancement products for dental and medical professionals.

With a significant amount of time leaning over your patients, the risks of developing an unhealthy work posture are high. Bad equipment can lead to strains, pains and even long-term injury. SurgiTel’s advanced magnification, unique tilt angles and multiple ergonomic patents mean that you can do your surgical procedures comfortably.

Next Generation Loupe Technology

  • The lightest loupes
  • The best loupe posture
  • The most magnification options
  • Truly customized TTL and FLM options


Magnification: SurgiTel offers magnification from 2.5x to 8.0x. Every clinician will find a fit among the many SurgiTel options: 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, 4.5x, 5.5x, 6.5x, 8.0x

Field of View: SurgiTel loupes maximise your field of view by utilising both oculars for a binocular effect. A wider field makes for easier and faster work, and better outcomes.

Depth of Field: SurgiTel maximises your depth of field using ocular positioning and other proprietary technology. A longer depth of field makes for easier and faster work, and better outcomes.

Alignment & Stability: Visual quality relies on a stable and secure mounting.  SurgiTel delivers the clearest vision through quality optical components and construction, and patented stabilisation technology.


Custom-built Declination Angle: SurgiTel loupes feature steep (the right posture) custom built declination angles for a long and pain-free career.

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