PPE – Predicted price uplifts post-lockdown. 28 April 2020

Summary: Comparing the estimated cost of PPE per dental patient prior to Covid-19 and post-lockdown as dental practices begin to re-open.

  • Total cost of PPE required per patient prior to Covid-19: ➢ Non AGPs = £0.16 AGPs = £0.33
  • Total cost of PPE required per patient post lockdown: ➢ Non AGPs = £1.60 AGPs = £38.60

  1. Analyse price of PPE used per patient pre-Covid-19 (circa Oct/Nov 2019) and compare with prices of PPE required now.
  2. Analysis can help guide practices when forecasting their current and future requirements as they begin to re-open post-lockdown.


Assumptions used in the calculations

  1. Amount of PPE used, and price of PPE is estimated for procedures in general dentistry (excluding orthodontics and implants). Calculations have been made on a per patient basis.
  2. Assume an average NHS dentist completes approximately 30 UDAs per day as a test case. This typical day could consist of 6 patients requiring fillings (3 UDAs per patient, so 18 UDAs in total) which will be classed as “AGPs” for the purpose of this exercise. The dentist will also see 12 patients for routine exams classed as “Non-AGPs”. Please note that this scenario can vary considerably e.g. crown preps, emergency extirpations, other procedures have not been factored in. However, for ease of calculation, the simple situation of 6 AGPs and 12 Non-AGPs has been used.
  3. It is assumed that 1 patient will be treated by 2 staff members requiring PPE e.g. dentist and nurse / dental therapist and nurse.
  4. Prices used in this document are relevant today, they are likely to increase or decrease based on supply and demand and fluctuations in the cost of materials as a result of the pandemic. Average market prices have been used for the purpose of these calculations and exclude VAT.
  5. The current prices used are based on PPE being air freighted due to the urgent demand that exists right now. However, prices may reduce when we move to sea freight later.
  6. This document focuses on PPE only, it does not look at the price of other dental materials e.g. composite filling materials, or infection control items e.g. wipes/disinfectants which are typically used as part of a treatment.
  7. All capital and running costs for a practice have also been excluded.
  8. PPE recommendations in line with current PHE guidance and those followed by the current urgent dental care centres for Non-AGPs and AGPs have been used. These could be subject to change.
  9. It is noted that there is likely to be a “phased return” to practice with less patients being seen per day than prior to Covid-19, however, for the purpose of this exercise the calculations focus on business as usual pre-Covid-19 and post-lockdown. The “phased return” may vary considerably across the country and therefore it is difficult to calculate based on unknown predications.


Estimates for Non-AGPs

*Assume that dentist already has the visor frame (sunken cost), so consider the price of the shield only. Shields may be disinfected between patients and re-used (according to manufacturer instructions). Assume a more “cautious” approach by dentists, so they may choose to change their visor shield daily post lockdown. Therefore 1 visor shield per every 18 patients for the dentist and for the nurse.


Estimates for AGPs


This document has been prepared by DD Group. Pricing information is correct as per internal data collected on 28 April 2020. Estimates have been made using the assumptions stated above.