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Drugs And Prescribing Policy


This bundle contains a comprehensive drugs and prescribing policy (there are 2 versions – one for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and one for Scotland). Template logs have also been included to enable you to record essential information with respect to drugs prescribed as well as details required for controlled drugs. There is also a private prescription template which you can personalise and start using straight away, ensuring that you do not miss any important details in order to comply with prescribing regulations and guidance.

Documents Contain -

    1. Drugs and Prescribing Policy - Eng, NI, Wales
    1. Drugs and Prescribing Policy - Scotland
    1. Prescription receipt log
    1. Prescription location log
    1. Private Prescription - example template
    1. Controlled Drugs Schedule
    1. Controlled Drug Receipt and Use Log
    1. Controlled Drug Destruction Log
    1. Facial Aesthetic Product Log

“Once purchased please allow 2 working days to receive this bundle electronically. All documents can be personalised easily by inserting your own logo in the spaces provided”.