Xylonor Spray


10% lidocaine analgesic solution in a metered aerosol.

Indications:- Production of topical anaesthesia and disinfection of the mucous membrane in the buccal cavity, especially:-

  • before the performance of a local or nerve block injection.
  • prior to the extraction of mobile, deciduous or permanent teeth.
  • prior to the adjustment and fitting of crowns and bridges or the adjustment of bands in orthodontic treatments.
  • prior to the lancing of sub-mucosal abscesses.
  • prior to scaling.

Features & Benefits:-

  • Easy dosage of active ingredient thanks to the metered spray
  • Precise and safe application with the included nozzle
  • Fast acting, gives anaesthesia within 2-5 mins and lasts 10-20 mins.

Metered aerosol dose containing 36g of solution